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WrapUp Insurance Programs combine into one seamless Safet, Claims Management and Insurance system, all of the participants in a large construction project.  The wrapup can be sponsored by the Owner (OCIP) or by a Prime Contractor (CCIP), or occasionally the wrapup may also be sponsored by the Program Manager or Construction Manager.  Specialized Insurance Brokers and Carrier who implement these programs must be retained and managed by experienced Risk Managers.


WRISC Inc. provides specialized Risk Management, including supervision of the Carriers and Brokers on the behalf of the Program's Sponsor(s).


WRISC Inc. provides seasoned experts to plan, organize, implement and control all areas of your insurance program.  We offer assistance in developing Requests for Proposals (RFP) from Carriers and/or Brokers.  Often a special event will trigger the need for an Insurance audit. Maybe you’re having difficulty placing insurance coverage, or you’ve experienced a change in key personnel, or you’re planning a major change in your operations and/or exposures.


An audit provides an objective review of a risk management or insurance program, with the goal of identifying, controlling and protecting against risks of loss. An audit can be limited in scope, focusing on a single problem or issue such as writing bid specifications for purchasing a particular line of insurance. Or it can be much more comprehensive, encompassing the effectiveness of the entire risk management or insurance program.


Wrap-up insurance programs are complex and their success or failure depends upon the judgement of those who design an manage them.  The devil, like the divine, is in the details.  When disputes arise, WRISC, Inc., can provide the expertise required to reach an appropriate resolution...

safety consulting assistance

Safety Consulting

Safety Programs, Reviews And Staffing: WRISC, Inc. can assist its clients in the development of company-wide safety programs or project-specific loss control programs that form the foundation for the conservation of your organization’s assets. Existing programs can be evaluated to measure their effectiveness and conformance with current operating conditions as well as technical and legal requirements. Many project-driven loss control efforts require highly qualified safety engineers, which are not permanent positions.

Safety Staffing

WRISC, Inc., with its low overhead rates, can staff safety positions for virtually any routine or specialized loss control effort.